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Machine Rigger TorontoSafe Rigging Matters
By a crane, a gantry, or a fork truck boom, the ability to lift, safely and in control, while positioning a piece of equipment defines Rigging. This is one area of Allpacks’s expertise.

Rigging On Time In Budget
The art and science of rigging machinery to outlandish locations is our job. If you can imagine it, WE will put it there. Allpack listens to your needs, drafts out how to rig, and place the object into location on time -within budget.

We Rig Anything
Be it a sculpture of the world or a specialized generator, Allpack has BEEN THERE. We use the knowledge gathered from previous tough jobs to work for you. Our customers hire Allpack to think as well as perform.

Working Together
Hydraulic cranes, overhead cranes, crawler cranes, hydraulic gantries, boom trucks, and twin lift trucks all need riggers to figure out the best method to grab, hold, turn and lift and place machinery.